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The new top-level domain (TLD) is an obvious choice for app developers and others in the tech industry, as it serves as an easy-to-remember alternative to .com domains – where inventory has long been running low for popular words.

In addition to the expected demand, Google® is requiring HTTPS for all. app websites. This built-in security protects against ad malware, tracking injection by internet service providers, and safeguards against spying on open Wi-Fi networks, the company explains.

Free SSL certificate included:
The .app extension is a secure namespace, so you need HTTPS and an SSL certificate for your website to load on most browsers. Your .app registration includes a free credit for our Standard SSL certificate. Once you log in, you will need to redeem and activate it on the My Products page to use the Standard SSL certificate on your website. Please note, your free Standard SSL certificate is eligible for support only when it’s used with your .app domain. (To ensure continued support, please do not use this free Standard SSL certificate with another domain)