Are You Sexy?

Well, I’m not talking about you. I mean your blog posts. And to be more specific I’m talking about the titles that you are choosing for each of your blog posts.

A sexy title is the driver that will drive the internet surfers attention to make a click on your blog post.

Are You Sexy - Cheap Group Domains

I don’t want to mess around with your content creation process. Each blogger has its own. A blogger is an e-writer who writes to attract traffic to his blog for some purpose: for you friends, to generate some indirect revenues, product or services reviews, to get recognition, for fun, for many other reasons.

I am old fashioned. I write only when I’m drunk, when everybody is sleeping and I can smoke. This usually happens every night, but then usually I delete the whole draft the morning after when I am sober again. So just one percent of what I write gets published on this blog.

I choose my topic, brainstorm it during some days, then I start drafting it on word, then finally when I am ready to publish I start to struggle with the title. The title is always my dilemma.

I am sure you spend hours or days to elaborate each post. But at the end of the day you write for people, unless you are a “White Hat SEO Spammer” that writes thinking in search engines to get higher ranks on specific search arguments. Or you are a news website.

As GOD used to say creation is a hard job, but giving a name to each thing you create requires talent. Your title can be sexy or not, can make your blog post be popular or just a waste of time and effort.

Images are important to get people’s attention. “An image can tell more than a thousand words”. Unfortunately you cannot rely only on images to promote your stuff…Unless the Google April Fools Day announcement telling that Chrome for Android and iOS will have a new translator tool that lets you “Read all your favorite web content using efficient and emotive illustrations, instead of cumbersome text”. That’s only a joke (for now).

Are You Sexy? - Cheap Group Domains

So you if you are still here, you have just three important things to convert your writing into a successful blog post:

  •  Your Topic
  •  Your Writing
  •  Your Title

Of course you can always hire a ghost writer or buy an advertorial or use the old “copy paste”. But with these you are just adding duplicated content, and I’m sure that’s not what you want. Though some millionaires and celebs have their books usually written by someone else, but they can afford it, besides they don’t read them.

So you have chosen your topic, you wrote your draft and then, just before you publish it on your blog, you start thinking about the title.

Let me tell you what happens to me: when I get to this point I start to get serious doubts about the contents of my post. Because this is the point I realize that maybe I should have covered my topic in more detail, or maybe I should have been more specific.

The post title is similar to an image for your blog visitors: can tell more that a thousand words.

So what you do now? Either you lie to yourself and rewrite your post contents to match the title meanings or you publish it with a title that is close to what you wrote.

Some experts say that first comes the topic, then the title and finally the contents of your post. Personally, if I’m not sure the three of them are aligned, I don’t publish the post till I decide what do. If I like the title and the topic, I rewrite the whole post. If I am not comfortable, I use parts of this draft to write a brand new post. I didn’t commit myself to publish one post a day, so there’s no need to rush. Quality content is king.

When I was doing some research about content, keywords and tags (in other post I will give you my opinion about post tags) I found this great Tag Cloud Generator at, so I took the contents of this post and the tool created the following Tag Cloud:

created at

So, if I were an SEO Expert I could have used the following titles for this post, based of the word repetition pattern for this post:

– Write a title post
– Write content on title and topic
– Post Blog Content

But of course none of the above are sexy titles. At the end of the day, your talent counts, but I learned that posting with the right title to attract new readers is a continuous process of trial and error. Good luck with your blog and have fun.

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