Build A Hot Blog And Attract More Traffic.

Get your voice on the Internet with a Blog!

Build a Blog and Atract More Traffic
Build a Blog and Atract More Traffic

Blogging lets you post your thoughts and photos on the ‘Net and interact with your web site’s visitors. Whether you’re writing your own personal journal or looking to influence audiences, WordPress® is the must-have blogging tool for you.

Publish your thoughts, opinions, comments, and videos in your own blog, podcast-or both-anytime, day or night! Supports multiple authors and multiple blogs or podcasts.

Generate and publish RSS feeds for iTunes® and other directories.

Post photos, images, animations or videos-create a truly personal blog site.

Get feedback and have conversations with visitors to your site.

Personalize your Blog with your own unique domain name-or integrate it with your existing site by setting it up as a subdomain.

Blogging can be very powerful for businesses. A good blog builds credibility, attracts more visitors, helps your SEO and presence in social media, and much more.

Here’s why you should seriously consider blogging on your company’s website regularly.

  1. A blog shows visitors that you know your stuff
  2. A blog helps you get more traffic to your website
  3. Blog = SEO, baby 
  4. Blog posts are link bait (and links really matter for SEO)
  5. An active blog is food for social media
  6. Behold the CTR power of Google Authorship 
  7. You really own your blog content
  8. Getting and keeping people on your site probably helps your business 
  9. Blog posts have a longer shelf life
  10. Help with customer support
  11. Cred for author
  12. Blog comments are gold
  13. Blogging shows you’re still in business – and rocking it

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