Build A Website That Drives Organic Traffic And Save Money.

Building A Website That Drives More Internet Traffic

Save Money

Organic Traffic to your Website
Organic Traffic to your Website

Now, you’ve registered your Domain Name and you are ready to build your Website.

Although you are not an experienced Web Designer, and you have decided to start building it using a Website Builder, you have to make sure that you are in control of all of variables listed on this post in order to get a reasonable amount of traffic.

First of all, what is a reasonable amount of Internet traffic? Well, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example if you are trying to build an Online Store to sell, you should be able to get at least over ten thousand visits per day. Specially if you are planning to invest money advertising your Website on the Search Engines. If you are going to “bet” money in “Pay Per Click” keywords to drive traffic to your site, you can run out of cash for advertising very soon and your keyword planning for online advertising will not be quite effective. Depending on the business that your intend to drive with your online store, an optimistic conversion ratio of your advertising campaign can be as low as 5% (five percent). For example if you spend 100 dollars a day in Pay Per Click advertising programs, and you drive a high quality Online Store you should expect no more than five new transactions a day. If the total Gross Margin of these five transactions is less than 100 dollars then you are loosing money with your PPC Campaign (or taking this loss as an investment to get a Customer base for repeat sales and renewals). So building a serious advertising campaign based on a Pay per Click strategy means that you have plans to invest thousands of dollars per month before you start making some profit. Have you considered this advertising budget for, let´s say, a minimum period of six months? How much? $30,000/$60.000 to build a customer base of one thousand “first purchase” customers in six months assuming you will not recover this investment from your profits?

So this is why it is so important you build a Website that can be able to bring traffic from organic searches before you start opening your wallet. If you make a little “brain investment” and you can drive at least five thousand daily visits to your Site coming from organic searches then you can start to plan on PPC advertising to increase your business.

Once again, you are not a Web Designer but have decided (and you can) to build your own Webpage by using a Website Builder tool. The tool will help you get a professional “look and feel” but you must make sure you can comply with the following basic rules when building your Website:

1.-  Avoid using the domain name that you are using to run your Website as part of the Title Tag. This can be considered as an attempt of keyword spamming by search engines.

2.- Make your Title Tag shorter than 70 characters, including spaces.

3.-  The Meta Description Tag of your Website should be between 50 and 150 characters. If it is longer will not display properly by search engines. Additionally avoid using a “spammy” description by repeating words more than two times in your description (for example: “Domains Hot Deals for Hot Deals Domains now offering Domain Deals” is a spam and looks unprofessional).

4.-  The Keywords Meta Tag should contain less than ten keywords separated by commas (you can use combined keywords such as “Domain deals” as one single keyword). You should avoid repeating one specific keyword more than two times, for example you can use plural and singular for a specific keyword (for example: “domain deals, cheap domain, etc.”). Apparently search engines are not giving too much weight to the Keywords Meta Tag when considering your website ranking on organic searches, but you should avoid using repeated keywords.

5.- All the images that you are using in your Website should have the “height” and  “width” attributes and a description in the “alt” attribute. Try to compress your images as much as you can without impacting your images definition (there are a lot of free tools that you can use). Consider that your Website size should not be bigger than 100K if you want your page to be displayed within two seconds. If your Webpage is too “heavy” and takes more than two seconds to get fully loaded a first time, your visitors will leave before looking into it and Search Engines might penalize your Site in organic search for being too slow. Search on the Web and find ways to reduce your Page load time by using CSS stylesheets for all those character sets that you use and learn how to reduce the images load time for your “second time” visitors using  cache expiration attributes (Expires headers) for your images.

6.- Your Web Page should have just one H1 heading. Using multiple H1 headings is okay if that is a logical way to organize the page, but they should be used sparingly. That’s because search engines can view multiple H1 headings as an attempt to signal that all the content on a page is equally important, a tactic that’s seen as an attempt to game with the search engine algorithms. Your H1 heading should be shorter than 150 characters.

7.- If your Website content is too large, split your website into several pages indexed from your home website. Remember a single page should not be larger than 100K.

8.- If you plan to add information to your Website on a daily or weekly basis, consider opening a blog on your same domain extension (example “”). The use of a blog will increase your organic searches as you blog entries start to get mapped by Search engines and additionally if you get and publish proper comments (non spammy comments) to your blog posts, Search engines will start considering your posts as relevant information and you will get more indexed pages.

9.- Don´t forget to use an htaccess file in your hosting account to redirect your naked domain to a “www” preffix. Search engines might consider traffic going to non www domains and www domains as separate sources of traffic and underestimate your total consolidated traffic.

10.- Last, but not least, you can do nothing against the fact that your domain name registration is brand new. Search engines might consider similar content published in older domain names as more relevant as compared to a domain name registered less than a year ago. Hence you should avoid registering a new domain name just for one year. If you are going to invest in a domain name to build an Online Store, you should register it for 5 years or more. It is yet to be proved that search engines will detect or qualify it with higher ranks, but any of your customers and prospects can always go and check in the Whois database your domain name and its expiration date. Nobody would buy from an Online Store whose domain name was registered for just one year.

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