Domains And Search Engine Optimization.

Some Basic Rules of Search Engine Optimization For Domains

Keeping your Website contents original and fresh while complying with SEO rules and techniques is almost impossible unless you turn it a permanent improvement process.

It’s impossible to stay on top of all your competitors.

About SEO Techniques
About SEO Techniques

As your Website traffic increases, the greater the chances of falling drastically.

Social marketing is a key element in your SEO strategy.

An image can tell more than a thousand words…but how can you make search engines understand this?


Seo Techniques

Every year there are higher chances that your SEO strategy will fail and that you will start loosing traffic coming from organic searches.

If you keep making the same mistakes with your SEO strategy, you will probably end up being qualified as a spammer and penalized by search engines.

When using SEO tactics, less is more.

If you don’t use SEO techniques al all, your Website traffic will go down. So you will have to take the risk of implementing a SEO strategy to survive.

If you keep feeding your Website with “copy/paste” stuff (text, images, etc.) from other Internet Pages, you will end up being considered as a spammer by search engines and get a drastic reduction in your organic traffic (even if you credit the originating Sites by linking to them).

When using SEO techniques to increase your organic Internet Traffic, it can take weeks or even months until you start seeing results, so you cannot do many changes simultaneously.

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