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Before you go and pay thousands for a premium domain, you may consider to hand register a brand new domain name for just ten dollars. Searching and hand-registering a new domain name is a time consuming task, because initially you will find that most of the names that you search are already registered in many of the traditional domain extensions. This time we want to share with you a couple of great suggestions that can help you with this search process. It’s worth spending some time trying to find a great domain by your own before you go and start dealing with domainers for a premium domain name that is worth four figures or even more…Keep reading to learn some basic rules to choose great domain names…

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Some basic rules to follow when choosing your perfect domain name:

  • Try to choose a short domain name. 6 to 8 characters long is very good, between 8 and 12 is good. More than 12 is poor.
  • For now, try to stick to the traditional top level domains extensions  (Dot Com, Net, Biz, Org, Info)
  • Try to avoid numbers and dashes as part of your domain name (makes a name quite difficult to remember and type in) and they tend to perform poorly on search engines.
  • If you find a name that is available but the Dot Com , the Dot Net or the Dot Org are already registered check if the name is not a copyright. Avoid future claims.
  • If you are registering your Company name, that´s fine, you know what you need. You may consider even a Dot Co in this case (as stated above, avoid the Copyright issues)
  • But if you are registering a name to run an online store, consider to choose a name that includes at least one word that is related to your business. This will increase your chances of getting found on search engines. You can even look after an “exact match” domain name if it is not too long.
  • Before you go and register straight away, you may want to check if the name itself has some value. You can get a valuation of domain names that are yet not registered searching at or They use a criteria based upon the internet searches for your domain name as a search argument.
  • Regarding Country Code Top Level Domains, they are good if its use is popular in your Country, but make sure you can be able to get at least the Dot Com.
  • If you find a very good Dot Com, it would be wise to register the other Top Dots (net, biz, org, info, etc.). most of the Domain Registrars have very good bundle offers available.
  • Then it’s up to you: you content is gold. If your website/blog/store are cool, then you will get all the traffic you expect.

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