New gTLDs: Upsides and Downsides today

The New gTLDs are here whether you like it or not

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As we mentioned in a previous post, over one thousand new gTLDs are in the process of being launched during this year and 2015. The yearly fees for registration of these new extensions start at two times the cost of registering a Dot Com domain extension or higher.

In addition if you want to pre-register a new gTLD you can do it now, but in most cases if there’s more than one bidder for the name of your choice you will be taken to a private auction between all the bidders, it’s not a first come first served pre-reg. So you may end up paying more than what you expected for the registration and sometimes it’s not clear how much will you have to pay for renewals of this “premium-wannabe” name.

How will search engines consider the additional gTLDs? Will shorter domains using new gTLD extensions become good brandable domains as well? And more importantly, will new domain extensions (assuming they run websites with relevant and fresh content) show up on top in organic searches? These are some questions that still don’t have a concrete answer.

There are some rumours around the blogs that search engines are starting to treat these new extensions as “generic”, so they will compete in search arguments in similar conditions as the traditional TLDs (.com, .net, .info, .biz, etc.). If happens to be true, then this is good news for you if you are planning to register and use New “non-geographic” gTLDs as an active website or blog.

So as a conclusion, new gTLD’s should be considered a high risk investment. But there are also some upsides to buy:

• If you happen to find a single character domain name (or up to two or three letters) it might be a good asset in the future.

• Same applies for single word names (non brandable) that are related to your business.

• If your domain name currently includes a word that equals the new domain extension, you can consider registering a shorter version of the domain name you are currently using. (example: if you own you might consider registering

However looking after good and valuable “non registered” New Dots, is a hard task, specially today without any domain valuation tool that you can use to get some help.

Just to give you an idea of what it means to search and pre-register or register a new GLTD, GoDaddy© has the following list of available domain extensions by categories and number of available domain extensions:

Business(49),  Commerce (85), Education (19), Food & Drink (28), Generic(42), Geographic(82), Government(7), Health(17), International(83), Industry (33), Lifestyle & Identity(122), Media(33), Money & Finance(43), Professional(32), Real Estate(29), Sport(37),         Technology (83)

One last comment about new GTLDs: Let’s say you find and register a good domain name that is related to your business and you currently run your website in a traditional dot com, what would you do:

Would you move your index and contents to the new gTLD and make a permanent redirect of your dot com to the new gTLD? A shorter name could help you attract more organic traffic?

Or would you do just the opposite?

We are going through a live experience right now and we hope we can show you some results in a couple of months. Stay tuned and good luck with your new gTLD searches!

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