It’s time to change your SEO

The new SEO rules for your business

Sniffing the internet changes
Sniffing the internet changes

I usually pay attention to the changes, but lately the changes are going faster than the attention I give to them…

The latest news is that now you can do shopping on Instagram if you enable your business settings. 

So, what is the purpose of having an online store running from a domain website?

What is the point of maintaining a blog with information about your products?

Even google is suggesting that all internet pages should be compatible with the AMP format so that they can crawl them better. 

Forget to upload high resolution images to your website. Now you must use low resolution vectors and images that are loaded from a CDN so that your SEO is better.

The loading speed of your website has become the most important. The content does not count to get more visits.

The name of your online store now depends on the trends of the search engines and not so much on how wonderful your brand is.

The available technologies to build your website are less and less and at the end of the day all the pages look the same.

As all websites look the same, they are all penalized by search engines for having duplicate content.

It is the end of SEO and positioning for organic searches.

Only paid searches manage to close businesses after a significant investment of money in advertising.

Your visitors do not have time and want to buy fast and at the best price. They already have enough information about the product you are selling and they do not need it.

The whitelabel stores are a hoax because there are thousands that look the same. Unless you have a deep pocket to spend on online advertising.

Finally if you have a deep pocket maybe you should open a real store. At least you will know who enters to buy from you and who does not, without needing to pay an SEO consultant.

Or get you a better job…